Meanwhile, in the real world...

Am I or aren't I autistic? Definitely neurodivergent, possibly autistic, currently awaiting assessment.


A blog by an autistic person

Dear Walden

Alone not lonely

yarn and pencil

a creative life on the spectrum

Isza Kerr

Artistic autistic who started writing down thoughts.

Little Hux Tales

Find your next book here...


This is a Kiracracy

A Grieving Autistic Adult

Grief is a nasty game of feeling the weakest you have ever felt and morphing it into the strongest person you will have to become. Windgate Lane

Stephanie Melnick

Thoughts of a politically engaged, autistic person in Scotland

A lifetime of labels

A blog about living with autism, Tourette syndromme, OCD, learning difficulties and Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Pharaohs World!

Autistic, rambling about the world as the mood takes him. Aspergers, Depression, Anhedonia, Dysthymia. Occasional detours into travel, snakes and weird stuff. All views and opinions are my own. I've nobody else to blame!

Why Haven't They Done That Yet?

Michael Ryan Hunsaker, Ph.D.

Autie and Lace

Gnomes, Hummingbirds, and Autism. Oh, my!


Because I'm cranky and autistic

This woman is different

Coming to terms with Asperger's / high functioning autism spectrum disorder at the age of 56

The Participatory Autism Research Collective

A community for people who want to promote autistic involvement in autism research

Read All About It 101

Book Reviews by BloggingMama101

Welcome to my Aspie World

An autistic guy's view of the world :)

Aspie Journal

Inside the mind of an Aspie

Brotherly Love

A personal exploration of autism from a brother’s perspective, including family relationships, philosophy, neuroscience, mental health history and ethics

Âûnty Anna

Reflections, musing and rants from an intelligent and aware autistic who functions in the world.


getting back into my life after letting depression and anxiety reign for too long

mum2aspergirl goes back to school

Charting the experiences of autistic girls in and out of mainstream education

My Aspie Life

My life with Asperger's syndrome.

beautifullybrokengal's Blog

Masterpiece and work in progress

Chronic Enigma

Autistic & living with chronic illness

Sound and Vision

Musings on my adult diagnosis of Aspergers

Jake and his dad

My boy, our lovely family and autism

A Is For Aoife Not Autism

"Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person that you are." Kurt Cobain

The fucked up Life of Mila Blue

Mila always had a feeling of not belonging and this was true. This autobiographical blog is about a female in her mid thirties with Aspergers. She is struggling with her life and experienced bad things. She finds her self on a 15 year long journey to find herself and fight her inner demons and to clean up with her past. It's a stoney way through suffering, pain, death, illness, love, and hard work. Enjoy!

a sunny momentum

shine brighter, move faster

Aspie and Proud

I can't dance but I sure can stim.

an orphaned mind

dealing with drama and childhood-related issues.



Me, Myself and PDA

Hello, my name is Julia and I’m an adult living with a diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). I also have a diagnosis of ADHD and Psychotic Episodes. PDA is a lifelong Pervasive Developmental Disorder and was first described by the late Prof. Elizabeth Newson in 1980. PDA is an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Despite PDA being older than me (just) there are still massive gaps in its recognition, peoples’ understanding and its diagnosis by professionals. I’m one of the lucky ones and this is my story…….

Zanne Bell

and I did not speak out...until I did.


Live Life

Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

Investigating the Asperger Brain

Neurodivergent Rebel

Rebelling against a culture that values assimilation over individuality.


Life as an adult female with Aspergers.


all questions are welcome

Life Help Me

trying to work out life, one day at a time

Unknown Operating System

Tales of a neurodivergent enviro geek thriving in plain sight

Hawk Vs. House

My battle to clean, de-clutter and refurnish home on budget..

Autistic Aloha

An Autistic Dad Sharing Aloha and Advocating for a Better, More Accepting World for my Son and Autistics Everywhere.