It’s a lonely life.

Oh how it hurts,

Right down to the bone,

To read people wrong,

And end up alone.

Is it my fault?

Is it theirs?

I end up solo,

Them, in pairs.

It’s not easy

Not knowing how you feel,

To know who is fake,

To know who is real.

What did they mean?

What is that look?

If only I could read them 

As easy as a book.

They ask me to believe,

And yet they lie.

Then they wonder

Why I break down and cry.

There are patterns,

That I see. 

They try to hide them,

But they’re clear to me.

Their words are lies,

Yet how they act

Can’t be hidden,

But accepted as fact.

When will I learn,

For such a smart girl?

I let these questions

Continue to swirl.





How many times 

Can a heart break?

People don’t give,

Just continue to take.

Don’t worry about me,

I’ll be fine.

God I am tired of

Repeating that line.

They say, if you need help

Just ask me!

And when you do,

They’re too busy.

Say what you mean?

That’s hard too.

And mean what you say?

Not something they do.

Help you, they ask,

What’s in it for me?

I have nothing left to offer,


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3 thoughts on “It’s a lonely life.

  1. This field was intentionally left blank on said:

    Beautiful writing ❤ although I know that it was borne of pain. I find that some of my better creative writing (in terms of both quality and quantity) occurs in times of pain; do you experience that, too?

    Sending you healing thoughts, for whatever they may be worth ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes! At times, many times actually we find ourselves walking blindfolded in a maze believing what people say and become lost in our own minds searching for the way out. Out into the sunshine where all is clear, sometimes the light is too strong and blinding, all these intense states of opposites.

    Knowing such pain and that it passes doesn’t lessen the intensity or the fatigue of buoying oneself up towards the coming light and I hope you soon find the soul seasons of Spring and Autumn to soothe.

    I find that Twilight zone a place painful but as said above one pregnant with renewal and creativity.
    Together in aloneness Amy !

    Liked by 1 person

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