The problem with thieves.

Last night I was sitting in my lounge room reading my book. It was around 11:30pm. I heard footsteps on the gravel outside my house, then on my verandah. It was all within a few seconds. There are lots of cats that roam at night, so hearing noises is not unusual. But I knew this was different. I jumped up and turned the front light on. I opened the front door. I knew what they would have taken – cigarettes. And sure enough, my packet was gone from my seat. And so was the thief.

The problem with theft is the violation you feel. That someone thinks it is ok to enter your property and leave with things that don’t belong to them. 

I don’t know about other Aspies but my home is my sanctuary. It’s my safe place. And the boundaries of it have been violated by a stranger. Sure, they could have made off with something more valuable. And yes, I probably shouldn’t have left my cigarettes outside. But neither of those things are the point. 

I am super perceptive. I live in a very small town. I smoke outside on my verandah. It was nighttime and quite dark – the thief must have known exactly where he/she was going to get what he/she wanted, because it literally happened in seconds. Which means they were either watching me or noticed at another time I left them there. They could not have seen them last night, it cannot have been a random theft.

This makes me feel sick. And violated even more. I didn’t sleep much last night and I probably won’t for a few nights yet. Every noise is going to make me jump. What if someone decides they want to take something else of mine? What if they decide to try and enter my house? 

I did call the police, and felt like an idiot for doing it. I don’t want the cigarettes returned – If they were that desperate for them I would have given them to them! What I want returned is my feeling of safety and security in my home. Do thieves realise they take more than just an object when they steal? Do they realise that for the few seconds of buzz they get from stealing they inflict hours/days/weeks/months worth of fear? They’re scum of the Earth.

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13 thoughts on “The problem with thieves.

  1. This field was intentionally left blank on said:

    Omg luv I’m so very sorry that happened to you! ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ก. My heart started pounding during the first paragraph. So scared at first! ๐Ÿ’

    I’m also so relieved that you’re (physically) OK. Of course, since you were able to write this post, you would be, but that didn’t stop my imagination from running away on me.

    Yup, I’ve been stolen from (USD $700 out of my bedroom by a housemate on his way out after I evicted him) and hell yes, it’s a hell of a violation. Where can we feel safe and secure if not in our own homes? You’re totally right, especially for us Aspies, for whom our home is our sanctuary, our refuge from the rest of the world.

    I’m so so sorry to hear about this! Your story is worse than mine, as yours was an outside intruder who might have been (I’m guessing so) watching you (for a while? Lord I hope not!! Terrifying!) Do you think it was someone you know? (Rhetorical question, if you prefer.)

    Firm comforting hugs offered! May you stay safe and protected. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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    • Thanks, feeling a bit edgy today. Have started using my back verandah now. I don’t really know anyone who lives in town, but there are plenty of teenagers that seem to roam the street at night and during the day – I had one a few months ago stop and ask for a cigarette when he told me he was 16 I said no, I have a son, I wouldn’t want someone giving him one underage. I’m trying not to let my mind run away on me over it which it is prone to do lol. It’s just an uneasy feeling that someone will see me and know what they did, and I won’t know that it’s them – if that makes sense? I’m sorry you got money stolen, some people are just downright vindictive a***holes. Thank you, greatly accepted! I just hate that I feel like I have to avoid the front of MY house grr. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  2. What a horrible experience. I’ve been burgled in the past (and also both suffered an attempted mugging AND narrowly avoided sexual assault – long story I’m not going to go into on here). It’s hideous, and feeling of violation seems worse than the incident itself. Lots of hugs to you. Xx

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  3. Ah crap, sorry to hear this. Hope you get your confidence back xx

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  4. To help you get over some numpty pinching your fags and also scaring you I have nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. It is the feeling of violation. Many years ago I was happily living alone and went to bed really early then heard a huge crash… my kitchen window was smashed and standing there on the other side looking at me was a youth. On seeing me he fled.

    I too called the police and a friend to board up the window. Next move was a security system…. that was overboard but psychologically worth it initially. Due to expensive I down graded it so that it’s siren remained but didn’t go through to any security company.

    I then felt comfortable again about living alone… I believe it is possible to get Security Company stickers to put on your windows and this can deter would be burglars.

    I actually felt as if I personally, physical had been violated and my safe refuge, my cocoon was threatened. Gradually I got over it but even now , living on a small rural property in OZ , I lock my doors when alone… that’s crazy… surrounded by safe, gentle native and farm animals. Peace of mind is peace mind.

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