Hot and flustered.

I’ve been bouncing around the house the past week or so in a great mood; happy and positive with life and the direction I imagine it to be going and then …


In the form of anti-vaxxers on Twitter. Let’s just call them what they are – Autism Haters > haters of Autistics (AHNT’s I’ll call them – autism hating Neurotypicals).

I read some comments and got angry. My heart started pounding and up my anxiety flew. Enter fight mode. Two female AHNTs in particular were talking about (mocking) what they termed “severe Autistics”. Unfortunately (or fortunately probably) they blocked me so I cannot access their hater tweets. I probably should have been what they weren’t – respectful, and the bigger person – but, once my fight mode was activated, it was too late.

I know a gorgeous young boy (who I was lucky to call my step-son for a while) who fits into their “severe Autistic” category because he’s non-verbal. But what these haters fail to see are the exact things that made me fall in love with this little boy. (Side note: this was long before I had any idea that I was also Autistic, not that that makes a difference). They don’t see his smile and hear his giggles, they don’t see his eyes whilst they gaze at objects up close and him using objects to discover what they do for himself, they don’t see his insatiable curiosity, they don’t see him frolicking around outside and observing the world around him in his own beautiful way, they don’t see the wonderment and joy of his face from seemingly simple things such as bubbles being blown, they don’t see him communicate with his hands to let you know what he wants, they don’t see the excitement that spreads across his face when kids are playing and he joins in too, they don’t see or feel how beautiful the little moments are when he sits down close to you or allows you to touch him affectionately – that he trusts you and is showing you that in his own way. They certainly don’t see or feel how amazing it is to observe him being his authentic self with not a care in the world. 

AHNTs don’t see any of this. Why? Because they see Autism – not the Autistic. They see disease not difference. They see injury not individual. They see trapped not freedom. They think they are helpful but they are harmful.

AHNTs seem to think that non-verbal Autistic people are “the issue” from what I gathered. An attack on any Autistic is an attack on us all. Considering a “type of Autistic” needing to be cured (read: eradicated) is imperialistic thinking. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to judge “quality of life” of/in another individual. You don’t get to judge people’s lives based on your own version of “normality” and call it fact. I’m Autistic – I don’t speak for non-Autistics! Matter of fact, I don’t speak for all Autistics at all, ever! I speak for my Autistic self. My white, straight, female Autistic self. 

It’s just so illogical to hate, even more illogical to hate a group of people based on something they were born as. Be it disability, sex, race, gender, etc! It. Just. Does. Not. Make. Sense. How many examples are there in the history books of hate ideology and the destruction this causes? When will humankind LEARN its damn lesson? 

It’s amazing how when one thing pisses you off, other things do too. These little negativity cycles get me so frustrated at myself and the world. I’m feeling hot and flustered from having written all that right now. Self-care day today, feeling better already! 

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3 thoughts on “Hot and flustered.

  1. Your post is timely, what with the one I just saw circulating on the Bullshit Fairy posting on Facebook (that ignorant one with the 5 reasons Measles are better than Autism). I have a really, REALLY hard time with the new-wave anti-vaxers because the old ones, the ones before this Wakefield mumbo-jumbo, had rational, articulate arguments that had nothing to do with fear, but to do with reasonable things like fetal tissue (it’s been removed, as I understand it). And even then, it was a small minority of the population who legitimately held these concerns so they were covered under the herd principle. This new group is ignorant and obsessive and is FRIGHTENING people, something the original people never did. They’re ruining it for the few who had principled, rational, objections in the past. As someone who supports the rights of families to homeschool and to direct the upbringing of their children (after all, I’m also an Autistic mom, which means I’m Disabled and in the US we have a bad history of taking away kids from Disabled parents simply because the parent is Disabled), I want to continue to support the original wave of people who opted out of vaccinations. Unfortunately, this group that spews hatred toward Autistics is making it really hard for me. Your point about it being illogical to hate speaks to me, too. While I get a lot of Autistics can be rigid (we live in the same cultural smog), once we KNOW the smog is there, we back down much faster, I’ve found. So often a neurotypical gets shown the smog (as in the ignorance of these statements) and then denies it’s smog, but calls it science. One wonders if they also still believe that the concept of race is scientific! In these debates, sometimes, I do feel like the Anthropologist on Mars when I try to point out to people that yes, there are legit reasons to say you don’t want to vaccinate, but nothing THAT camp has shown me has seen legit and when you try to patiently explain, they just dig in. The more rational folks can have a conversation about it without going into hate speech. I worry about the blowback we’ll get as Autistics in the right to parent if we pick at this group too much (some days, I feel like if we hide out and stay quiet, no one will notice us), but if we don’t say something, well, they’ll keep the “cultural smog of ignorance” regarding Autism confusing other people. So glad I “met” you! You’ve got great thoughts on this!

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    • If they could have a civil conversation and speak respectfully I’d like to listen to what they have to say, then go and research it myself, just out of curiosity! They won’t change my mind, but I do like trying to understand others’ viewpoints. I’m also a parent, so I understand your concern, we’re sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Parents are the people they target with their fear mongering – and I find it really sad that these parents think that Autistic is the worst thing their child could be. Sure, it can be “harder” than raising non-disabled children but that’s the gamble you take having sex and falling pregnant, you get a gorgeous child either way and it’s up to the parents to step-up and do their job. I guess that’s something all minority groups in history have had to deal with is the majority backlash – unfortunately when it’s our brains that are the minority they try and trump us with the “not normal” card every time. And it seems that that’s a good enough excuse for our voices to be dismissed. Their argument fails in my opinion because there are unvaccinated Autistics, and Autism predates vaccinations. “Cultural smog of ignorance” indeed! 😬 Glad to meet you too πŸ˜‰

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