Stick it!

I never thought I’d do a post on this. But I am frustrated and so I’m getting it off my chest. 


Yep, I was immunised and I am Autistic. My brother and sister were also immunised – not Autistic. My cousin is Autistic, his brother is not – both immunised. My four other cousins on my paternal side of my family – all immunised, not Autistic.

My paternal grandfather was born in 1932, although not diagnosed, I can pretty much safely say is Autistic. Immunised? No. 

My maternal grandparents born in 1932 and 1935, strong Autistic traits – not immunised. 

What does all of this prove? Nothing

I don’t have to prove anything to believe that immunisations don’t cause Autism! You’re not going to change my mind on it. Just as I am not going to change anti-immunisers minds. And that’s fine! Believe whatever you would like!  

But please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to patronise me about all of the “books” you’ve read on how harmful immunisations are – for every “anti” book there’d be at least one “pro” book. Yes! Doctors and scientists can be found both for and against things! To each their damn own. I’ve read books on the solar system – that doesn’t make me an Astronaut! Or an expert on planets!

I wouldn’t ask a man to tell me what it’s like to be a woman and I wouldn’t ask a white person to tell me what it’s like to be a black person. So I certainly don’t need a non-Autistic telling me what’s “wrong” with Autistics. Especially when I see all that is RIGHT about US.

I don’t need to know the “cause” of my Autism. I am Autistic, I have always been Autistic and I will always be Autistic. That’s fine by me – and that’s all that matters. 😊

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3 thoughts on “Stick it!

  1. newlyautistic on said:

    I feel your frustration Aimz – you are absolutely right!

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  2. Too right! And it’s flipping insulting too! Autistic is just one other way of being a human being. We are not caused, we are not errors, we are made up of random genetic information. More of some stuff is passed to some of us and less of some other stuff, and *that* is why there can be autistics and aspies in a family alongside relations who wouldn’t perhaps pass as autistics. I don’t believe any of my – *****immunised***** – kids would pass as autistics because my genes were combined with my husband’s. Over 2 years after my diagnosis I am still trying to shake off the “disorder” part of the diagnostic description but my overriding feeling is that the “wrong” is the trying to be like others and fit where we don’t fit and the putting up with overwhelming situations caused by other humans. We didn’t “get” autism. We were created this way. And we are amazing.
    And – as if that wasn’t enough – not immunising children is dangerous and irresponsible and endangers lives of other children with actual medical conditions.

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  3. This field was intentionally left blank on said:

    Totally agreed, Aimz πŸ™‚

    I believe that the *only* reason that autism is “an epidemic” and the numbers are climbing is because we’re becoming more aware and proactive (whether the proactivity aspect is good or bad may be up for debate). Over time, in general, I don’t think that the actual “statistics” have changed at all!

    Unfortunately, as you intelligently pointed out, with that increased “awareness”, an increased *pathologization* has emerged also. I could rant on, but you said everything much better in your post πŸ™‚

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