The fight response.

Following on from my previous post W.I.P Part II I have looked at how I have been “regulating” my emotions in the past. Regulation isn’t really what I’ve done at all. I have a very over-active Fight or Flight response. So when I added that to my previous map, it looked like this; 

Credit where credit is due VoxVisual put me on this path of, let’s call it, “self-enlightenment”. I will research the science etc behind all this for deeper understanding but for the moment I’m looking at how this affects me. I have teased out my “Fight” response. Feel free to draw conclusions, I am going to do a map for my “Flight” response before I conclude, plenty of patterns emerging though. All the details first before the bigger picture – how Aspie of me lol.

I haven’t gone into depth with sensory input either. This is something I also have to learn about, what triggers me and the impact these play. 

Image credit: Google image search “fight”

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3 thoughts on “The fight response.

  1. The problem to lose people is due to you or to people? For my experience with an asperger person i would like to stay but she we closed me all doors. So she is losing me even if i don’t want to go.

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    • I think it is both. I’m not sure of your personal circumstances with your friend, but I know I have cut people off in the past because it was “easier” than fixing the issue. Some issues are very hard to forgive and forget, I have a great memory which remembers all the past slights against me, if a person really wants to make amends they will have to prove it to me through absolute honesty and following through on their word, in time I will forgive, but I never forget. I will put my post up on “flight” when I’ve finished, that might help – she may have shut herself down for reasons that have nothing to do with you and just needs space 😊

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