Depression regression.



And down,

Nobody knows,

The despair grows, 

I fall.

Up for a day,

Down for a week,

Hopeless pessimism,

But I can’t speak.

Cut me, 

Hit me,

I can’t feel!

Scratch me,

Burn me,

What is real?

This costume I wear is only skin,

Seared with stories,

Kept within.

My problems

Lie within my mind

I’m looking for a switch

To leave it behind.

My words are in ink,

I force a smile, 

If that’s what you want,

It’ll stay a while.

People pleaser,

You are so fake! 

What other choice

Have I to make?

Head barely above water, 

And there I tread,

Underneath my covers

On my bed.

What can I do

To get out of my head?

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13 thoughts on “Depression regression.

  1. Why nothing may help you? Why a friend can’t help you?


  2. Beautiful poem. And thank you for the rhymes. I always think poetry should rhyme!

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  3. I was having a bad day and it just came out of my head lol. I think the same, love the rhythm of rhyme, it’s soothing somehow 😊

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  4. Beautifully written

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  6. This is one of the most powerful poems I’ve ever read. I’ve been struggling lately to find an answer to the last question from the poem. Sometimes, it’s unbearable, isn’t it?

    Also, the painting you chose is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for this post.

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