The Girl with Curly Hair.

All images from The Girl with Curly Hair Project … These all make sense to me, and I love them more because I am a girl with curly hair 😃 

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5 thoughts on “The Girl with Curly Hair.

  1. linj14 on said:

    the girl with curly hair is awesome! I can relate to many of those things, and I liked it on facebook a long time ago.

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  2. The Man with Grey Hair feels so much the same, that he’ll probably make himself some cue cards to show right before, or during a meltdown, if he hasn’t left the building, yet… 😅

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  3. autisticaplanet on said:

    Thank you for posting her stuff. I relate to many of the memes as I am autistic with sensory issues and impulse control when over-stimulated.

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  4. She helped me realize my issues and from her book I spoke to my doctor. I have had my diagnosis of autism for 3 weeks now, I credit her so much in finding my answer in life! I’ve just started my blog as a suggestion from my doctor!

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