Musically disinclined.

I like music. That is, I like listening to certain songs. I don’t have a particular “genre” I like, if it sounds good I will listen to it. I can’t listen to the “screamo” music though, it hurts my ears. I can sing, I would never sing publicly or get a recording contract but I’m not tone deaf. 

What I can’t do? Play a musical instrument. I have tried, I learnt the guitar for a year at high school, how I passed I have no idea, it took a lot of concentration. I have awful hand eye coordination most of the time. This, coupled with clumsiness, means I am also awful at fast paced team sports like netball.

Another thing I can’t do? Tap along to a beat. I’ll listen, start tapping, and then mess it up! Every time. I watch others tap along and cannot understand why I can’t do it too. I have a friend who can tap on a table with no background music and it sounds brilliant. I may be slightly envious.

Although, back to songs, what I actually like is the lyrics. Similarly to my previous post on Quotes, I like lyrics that convey what I’m thinking about or how I’m feeling. I’ve sent “songs” to others as a means of expression. 

Just another random post, thinking out loud..

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6 thoughts on “Musically disinclined.

  1. Howdy!

    I have autism and I love music. The absolute cruelest joke God has ever played is giving me my passion for music and my music skills or lack thereof. I am tone deaf. I can’t carry a tune to save anyone’s life. I can’t keep rhythm. But, like you, it is the lyrics that are the most important. It has to be “simple” music, too. If it starts getting too complex, it starts sounding like random noise to me. My favorite genre is old fashioned acoustic blues. I like bluegrass, too.

    Luckily, my daughter, who is also autistic, has a fair amount of musical talent and interest. She began playing the saxophone last year. She’s picked it up real good, too, according to her music teacher.

    I’ve liked what I’ve read on your blog, so far.


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    • Hi Jack! Thanks for your comment 😊 I like the country genre for the same reason, the older stuff, generally relaxing tunes with slow audible lyrics that have meaning.
      That’s great about your daughter 😊 the saxophone would be nice to listen to!
      I’ll check your blog out and follow it too.

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      • Howdy Amy!

        I like older country, too. I grew up on it. On a trans-Pacific flight I watched the docudrama of Hank Williams short life. I hadn’t realized how short it was.

        I saw a really great movie tonight, “How to Dance in Ohio.” It was about a group of high functioning autistic teenagers and young adults preparing for a spring formal dance. It was great. Very inspiring.

        My mom says that when I was a baby any time I heard music, I would cry.


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      • I’ve heard Hank Williams’ name, haven’t heard his music, are you from the USA by chance?
        I like the sound of that movie, I will check it out if I can 😊
        Oh that’s interesting, I have no idea how I used to act/react to music, will be interesting to find out 😊 I’m finding out a lot about when I was a child recently, some things are starting to make more sense 😊


      • I didn’t find out that I was autistic until my daughter was diagnosed. I’ve spent the last seven or eight years re-evaluating my life and relatives. A lot of things make much more sense now. In general, it has been a good thing.

        I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Hank Williams. You’ve probably heard some of his songs, though. “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Honky Tonk Man”?

        I am from the US. Mostly I grew up in Texas, but we were a military family and so we’ve lived around a bit.


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      • Likewise, sort of, but my ex boyfriend, and I’m getting assessed next month. A lot of research and reflection has been done in the last few months that’s for sure, and if I am diagnosed then there’s a lot more to come! It’s only been through taking to the Autistic community that things I thought I did/said/thought started to make sense, whereas they never have before.
        Oh, I’ve heard of him, as in his name, I will YouTube some of his music 😊 I probably have at some time or another. I am from Australia, country music isn’t as “big” here as in the US πŸ˜•


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