Bits and pieces.

Left or right? No idea. I have to use my thumb and forefinger to make an “L” shape to work it out which is left and then safely assume the other is right. I don’t just instinctively know. It can make driving interesting.

I can’t give directions. I can take you somewhere you want to go and I can clearly visualise where a place is but don’t ask me for verbal instructions on how to get there. You will be lost before you even start. Put a map in front of me though and I’ll show you!

I have a routine I have to follow in the morning if I have something on, e.g. Work. I have to get up two hours before it starts. Any less time and I feel stressed. It doesn’t take me long to get ready, I just need to have two hours so I don’t feel rushed which leads to anxiety. This is not great when I start at 7am, it becomes a really long day.

I have sleep issues. I always have. Getting to sleep, staying asleep, sometimes waking up is an issue depending on the night before. Family friends often bring up stories of when I was a toddler and my parents would put me to bed and I’d be back out just as quick.

I remember at Primary School the girls were talking about what other nationalities they were e.g. Where their grandparents came from, we had a very multicultural community. I remember very proudly saying that my Nana was born in India so I was part Indian. Mind you, my great grandparents were in the army and stationed in India in WW2 hence why my Nana was born in India. There’s absolutely nothing Indian about her except her place of birth. I roll my eyes and laugh about it now but I was so serious about it back then. 

I’ll add more to this eventually, for someone who has never really been absorbed in herself it is amusing for me sorting through my brain.

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