What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? I don’t know. I rarely call people by theirs. I feel lucky to live in Australia where it is perfectly acceptable to call people “mate” even if they are not in fact a friend. It’s an inoffensive Aussie term and I use it often. Calling my partners in the past by their first names, I can’t recall doing, except on a very rare occasion. If I can get someone’s attention without using their first name I will, calling them by their first name is my last resort. I don’t generally forget names by the way, although, embarrassingly, sometimes someone will tell me their name and it’s almost as if the name is sucked into a vacuum just as it hits my ear. Thank goodness for “mate”! 😅

Apparently this is not just a “me” thing though 😃



Can anyone else relate? 😊

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4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Hi amyes87 🙂

    No, it is not just you with the ‘names’ custom. There are VERY few that I will call by their names. When I greet someone, I do not use names because when I do, it usually feels uncomfortable and awkward. 🙂

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  2. E.g. I call my son a different name (from Stradivarius, variations of Greenwood in German, also Rheinhold to Reginaldus etc…) every day.
    My family/colleagues have denominators like Your Majesty, Milady, Princess, Precious, Sweet, Monkey and other impossible twists of their names, which my brain seems to have an absolute talent of endlessly doing.
    So again, “you are not alone”…

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  3. Yes! I hate it. And I cringe when I have to tell anyone my name or when they call me by it.

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  4. VisualVox on said:

    I don’t like calling people by their names. It feels intrusive to me. Too familiar. I grew up in an area where everyone called each other by their last names. The only people I’ve ever met who do that, grew up near me. Maybe we’re all spectrum-y that way. It wouldn’t surprise me.

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