Let it go! How?

I’ve recently followed the blog awesomelyaspergersboy.wordpress.com and this young man has summarised exactly how my thoughts also get “filed” about people, and why I have trouble letting go, and why when I get upset EVERYTHING that that person has done comes flooding back. I often overreact, and I bring up past slights against me, because as Caleb has put “All the memories are just THERE in front of me.” Unfortunately, I am an adult, so I need to deal with these things myself. It’s funny how you don’t realise things about yourself until someone else says them. I don’t know how to stop doing this, but now I am aware of it at least I can try! Or at least try to explain it to others after the seeming over reaction..

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One thought on “Let it go! How?

  1. Interesting, it was just today I have thought about the exactly same thing, i.e. if these personalised bulk/overload files of people who unfairly treated me, some of them decades ago, keep popping back in my active -stress causing- memory, are something specific to Aspies, or it’s just the odd me again…
    And the same question keeps coming back like a mind rubbing, unpleasant wave: “how can I make it go, make it stop, let go of it?”
    Some of these people might not even be alive, but their meanness still hurts like it hurt then…
    Yes, easy to say, easy to ask letting go, but how?
    “Forgiveness” doesn’t work, as they never apologised, mindfulness and other meditation practices don’t work, so what else, I’m echoing your question?
    It seems I’m not the only one.
    Maybe someone can share their own experience of success.
    Since my mind is sequentially bound to find a rationale, it needs some sort of cause to any desired effect.

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