Quoting words.

I love words and I love quotes. My camera roll is full of them, I have them around my house. You could say it’s one of my “things” – collecting other people’s words. I think this is actually quite symbolistic of my life to be honest. I am someone who will pick up a phrase from you if you use it often enough. Lines from movie scenes pop in my head often in conversations. I repeat what I’ve read from books and articles, I honestly start a lot of conversations like “I read this *thing* that said…”. I’ve been ridiculed for my love of quotes. What the ridiculers don’t understand is that the words bring me COMFORT. That someone can put thoughts into minimal words so eloquently and I can relate to them – I don’t feel so alone, because someone else has thought what I have! Some are inspiring and a nice reminder about life, some bring me a sense of peace, some move me they’re so accurate, some are the words I want to say but can’t string them together, some sum up my life at that very moment. Why should I stumble around and frustrate myself trying to get across what I want to say when I can find something relatable and use that instead? Words are my strong point, but sometimes they fail me so what’s the harm in using others’ words to get my point across better than I can? It’s not as though I claim them as my own. 

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