FriENDship rant.

It’s quite sobering when you look back on your life at your friendships and realise that they were in fact “friendships” for the most part. I grew up in a rural town (it wasn’t really a “town” but for lack of a better word it will do). When I started Primary School there was 12 of us in my year, 6 boys and 6 girls, I don’t think that number ever changed the whole way through primary school, a couple of the girls left at different times and new ones replaced them. But there was 6 of us girls. My best friend in Kindergarten and year 1 was my teacher. How do I know this? I read my school writing books. How I told her I loved her, how I asked to visit her house, how I asked her questions about her life. I can still picture her. She made me feel important because I was intelligent, I impressed her with my stories at such a young age, so much so she used them as part of her university assessments. Mum has told me my teacher used to be worried that I’d get bored because I was an advanced reader and writer.

I remember there was one girl out of us 6 that was the “leader”. I remember when she left and our group was in tatters – who would take her place? That’s when we started pairing off. One of the girls was more like me, a tomboy of sorts. Sometimes we’d all be together, I guess it just depended on the day. There was a hierarchy at school which basically meant that the older kids hated the younger ones. I certainly wasn’t an exception. But I don’t remember that I was overly liked by the kids younger than me either. I wasn’t popular but I certainly wasn’t one of the kids teased daily (there was one girl and one boy who were, poor things). It was a small school, my Dad was the President of the P&C, matter of fact it was a small community and he was very much involved in it. I don’t know if this affected things, but I know I certainly felt a lot more pressure to be a “people pleaser” because everyone knew my family. I was intelligent but I don’t remember loving school. I know a few older kids didn’t like that I was doing the same writing and spelling as they were when I was in 2 grades younger, I remember one older girl refusing to discuss it with me. I also physically stood out at school, I was the tallest girl in my year always, and then the tallest girl in the school. Plus, I’ve never been skinny, and all of the other girls my age were. I feel like I was tolerated. I do remember the odd taunts about my weight, I wasn’t a confident speaker or person in general. I didn’t care about fashion, and when the other girls got interested in bands etc I tried to be too, but I always liked the odd looking boy in the boy bands not the “cute” ones, I was weird.

When we hit high school, all of us girls went to the same one. We went from 12 kids in our year and a school of 80-90 to having 150ish in our year and 1200ish in our school. I ended up in a group of 5. One I went to primary school with, two that went to local primary schools near ours, and one from the town our high school was in (30 minute car trip from home or an hour bus trip). I don’t see how I fit with these girls either. Three of them were horse mad, and I tried that for a time, I had a book I wrote all about horses in, the equipment I’d need to have one, what I’d need to do with it. My parents refused to buy me one, probably a good thing too, it was an attempt to “fit in” not something I truly was interested in. The other girl was smart like me, we had a lot of classes together. But she was quite popular, very fashionable, a girly girl. We certainly didn’t have that in common. They were all into boys, I wasn’t. I liked boys, as friends, and I got along with them well as friends. We eventually merged our group of 5 with a group of boys, funnily enough most of which I went to primary school with. Three of these boys I chose as my best friends. So the girls wanted more to do with me to get to the boys and vice versa, I was somewhat of a message runner. I didn’t mind, I was involved in everyone’s life and that’s how I lived. Only on reflection can I see how sad that is.
Then my parents decided to move. 4 hours away. I was devastated. I was 14 and moving away from life as I knew it. How many of these friends came to visit? 4. In the first 6 months I moved away, 3 came up for my birthday weekend and one was on holiday with his family locally. All of my school books at my new school were plastered with photos of my old “friends”. I tried to keep in touch with them but communication was generally one sided, their lives went on without me.

My new school. A girl was chosen to show me around, I hung with her and her friends for a few days until another girl called me over to sit with her and her friends. I did, how could I say no? Two of the girls left when I joined their “group”, they didn’t like me, I don’t know why. They were a bunch of bigger girls and had great self confidence, they could laugh at themselves and each other. It was different but good. I became best friends with a girl who lived up the road from me, we caught the same bus and were in the same year. She was outgoing, loud, and embarrassing often but she made up for everything I wasn’t so I clung to her, we spent pretty much every weekend together. When she left school and I continued we drifted apart. All of my bigger girl friends had left school, so I joined another group of girls. They had their different likes to me but they made me feel welcome enough. 
Adulthood has seen friends come and go. I haven’t really made any new friends since high school to be honest and I left there 12 years ago!

To this day, I have friends. I do. I live 4 hours away from most of them. I’d say I have 3 close friends. I talk to them if I need to get something off my chest, but not often. I’d say I make more of an effort than any of them to keep in touch. That’s the story of my friendship life actually, I always seem to be making the effort. It’s a little depressing. It’s also depressing when I consider than most of my friendships are based around alcohol, when we catch up it’s to drink for some occasion or just because we are catching up.

 I can’t be bothered anymore. I’d be the first one to put my hand out to help a friend, it’s generally not reciprocated. I think that’s something that frustrates me the most, maybe my expectation of what friendship is is too high? If one of my friends needed me, I’d be there. I’m protective of those I care about. I also wonder if it’s because I put on such a strong “front” that everyone thinks I have my shit handled so I don’t need anyone? I struggle to ask for help, and when I do and am dismissed it’s horrible. Or if I’m brushed off with some cliche quote e.g. “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – seriously? Stay silent rather that make me feel invalidated. No wonder I have so much trouble talking. 

My closet “friend” at the moment is, of all people, my ex boyfriend. He knows more about me than anyone on Earth. He’s seen my highs and copped my lows. God knows why he hasn’t blocked me. I don’t really want to be friends with him, it’s a little painful at times when the good old memories start swirling, but I’m trying. He disappoints me though, for the same reason other “friends” do. I hate that it bothers me. None of them understand me or try to, nobody asks me questions or checks in to see how I’m going unless I offer them information about myself off my own back, I honestly expect too much because I give too much. But I don’t know how to not be like that? I’m a caring person to the point it hurts.

When people say they don’t need anyone – it’s bullshit. Everyone needs someone. I say it often from behind my metaphorical walls I’ve built around myself but even I do. This hasn’t been a good week.

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6 thoughts on “FriENDship rant.

  1. Hope you have a better week next week. You are right we do need friends and it’s awful when you feel like you’re the only one putting any effort into the friendship.

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  2. Hey Amy…
    Well, interesting thought(s), especially the bull**** part 🙂
    Now what am I supposed to say, as I truly feel I don’t NEED anyone. In mean time I do REALISE the needs I have, and that these needs may reach out for fulfilment, but it’s rather that I follow them instinctively when they appear, than live a structured life of fulfilling them. And yes, they are the basic, instinctual needs of any existence…
    As for what I truly DESIRE, with all that complexity of interconnections I call mind, it’s different, so much different.
    What I am learning, one step at a time, is to live this double, conscious and unconscious life, where I let nature run it’s (controlled nevertheless :-)) course, enjoying it’s moments, while concentrating/emphasising on that inner cosmos called MY mind, where the only mirror for any detail is another detail which completes it.
    I don’t know if it makes sense to anyone else, but it sounds awesome to me 🙂

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    • Thank you for all of your comments! I like your perspective 😊😊 I do understand what you’re saying about needing others and why, I probably confuse want/desire with need sometimes. I do have issues with letting nature run it’s course because I am unable to control it, I have tried but it leads to a lot of frustration – too much! I think expectations (maybe unrealistic) come in to play with interaction, and when others don’t follow these expectations or scripts I’ve built in my mind on how they will respond etc I find it really hard to make sense of it. Does that make sense? (I find I am asking that a lot lately lol) 😊

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      • Of course it does 🙂
        As about controlling nature’s run, I know how hard it is, have had LOTS of trouble because my own lack of ability. Nevertheless, I am learning that leaving the scene before things get out of control, IS a method of control. Now, if my 6th, 7th, 8th, etc. senses are raising VERY small little flags, I chose to leave, even if it may cause a bit of confusion. That’s still better than a full meltdown. 🙂

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  3. As in a sort of fight or flight response? There have been times when I have felt an overwhelming sense to get away from a situation and I do leave, which has caused issues, my departure results in me hiding in my bed crying until I feel numb, sometimes served with a side dish of abuse to whoever this ‘breakdown’ is attributed to (if there is someone at the time). And then I feel embarrassed. And I usually have no real idea as to why I have such a strong reaction (overreaction), I guess it’s a build up of little things being out of my control, things not going as I thought they should. This may be a little off track, what an actual ‘meltdown’ is has me confused, I call what I go through ‘breakdowns’ because I don’t want to label it as a meltdown if it is in fact not. Could I be so bold as to ask about your experience with them please?

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