What are my interests? What are my hobbies? Well, I read books mostly. That’s never been a very “cool” thing to admit but I enjoy them. Fiction and non-fiction. And I DO judge books by their covers and titles. I can’t say exactly what draws me to particular books specifically. I sort of have an unofficial book club going with my Dad and Grandma. We read and recommend books to each other. I have no friends that share this love of books with me. When the 50 Shades of Grey series came out I got somewhat excited that some of my friends were reading – maybe I could share some of my favourites with them! But no, that’s as far as their reading went. I read the first 20 pages of the first book in that series – it was so poorly written I didn’t pick it back up. 

I like photography. I don’t own a camera but I use my iPhone camera to take photos. I look at something and think it should be captured at a certain angle, I love colourful sunsets and the way light and images are reflected in puddles of water. I love clouds because they are constantly changing their shape. And I love taking candid photos of people. Capturing their happiness or their ‘truth’. I like taking selfies sometimes, to see if a photo captures the same image of myself I see on the screen or in the mirror (it amazes me that it often doesn’t). I also like editing my photos. (Snapseed app for iPhone is amazing for this!) All title photos on my blog have been taken by me.

I like trying to do crosswords or pushing my brain to do cryptic crosswords. 

I love learning. I love researching topics that interest me. I’m not arrogant but I am good at it. I like solving people’s problems, and my own, and I put a lot of energy in to doing so. Often too much. 

My interests and hobbies are quite solitary. In the past things I enjoy are often belittled by others and it stings. I like reality TV shows and soap operas – and cop criticism because of it, so I generally don’t admit to liking these anymore (I like reality tv series’ because they give a glimpse into the lives/worlds of other people and I like soap operas because they idealistically portray how people behave etc in certain situations). I’d love to be one of those people who didn’t care what other people thought of their “likes”, but I do, and criticism upsets me – having to justify myself for liking something just because another person thinks it’s stupid really isn’t fair. Am I hurting anyone? No. So I don’t tell people that I like these things anymore, but if THEY bring it up, well, let’s talk! And if someone wants to criticise US then that’s ok because I have backup. 

I collected stamps when I was younger. I don’t know that I understood it or enjoyed it as much as being part of the “Stamp Explorers Club” and receiving mail from them. (It’s amazing how as an adult and receiving bills in the mail the novelty of getting mail wears off, but as a kid I loved it!) I wrote letters to people all the time and would be bitterly disappointed not to get a reply (this still occurs, if messages and emails are not replied to). I think if you make an effort to contact someone it is so rude not to acknowledge it, it feels like you’ve been let down and/or ignored, that’s not a nice feeling.

I like to be interested in things other people are interested in. Do you have a passion? Tell me all about it! If you’re showing/telling/teaching me about something I don’t know I am all ears. Learning stimulates my brain and I crave that. The topic might not interest me to the point I’ll research about it on my own but I enjoy it just the same. 

I am so curious, if I was a cat, I’d be killed nearly every day. 

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10 thoughts on “Interests?

  1. Sunsets & puddlegraphy; me too! Do you have Instagram?

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  2. Ahaan, I have a book suggestion.
    Give “The Best That Money Can’t Buy” a try.

    Also, I would love to know more about your taste of books.

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    • That looks like an interesting book to read 😊 thanks! My taste varies – anything that is well written I will read, my favourite book is Shantaram – Gregory Roberts, the last book I read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, before that Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill – both good books 😊
      What’s your favourite book?


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