Are these sensory issues or quirks?

I’m sure there is more than this list. I haven’t really thought twice about any of these things in the past, they’re just my little oddities and preferences, but since learning (trying to learn) about sensory issues I wondered if these things align with that? 
Why/how people enjoy shopping for fun. I get what I need and get out. On the odd occasions I have been clothes shopping an hour, possibly two, and I’m done. I’m exhausted, I just want to be home away from people and noise and choice and irritating salespeople. At that point I don’t even care that if I haven’t gotten what I needed, it just drains me. People have made jokes questioning whether I’m actually female or not over it.
People who let animals lick their face, especially their mouth. Cat’s tongues are like sandpaper and dogs mouths are wet and slobbery. It’s making me feel ill thinking about it. Actually, I can’t touch animals at all. Because – fur! Fake fur – fine. Animal fur – no thanks. I can’t really explain that.
Eating food with fine bones or small seeds in them. Chicken legs and wings – no. Salmon – no. Watermelon, mandarins, grapes – no. The feel as your teeth crunch in to bones or seeds – no. But I love the taste of chicken and salmon! I don’t mind the tastes of those fruits either – minus the seeds. Although watermelon does have an odd texture to it. But then I will eat frozen chicken nuggets (yes, you read that right) and frozen peas and corn happily – yes, I have been called weird over it.
If I am somewhere like a shop etc and there is a flickering light on the ceiling, it has my attention and I can’t ignore it. You can see the difference in the area it’s flickering from dull to bright – either be bright and light or die and wait to be replaced! Don’t flicker!
Massages. Just don’t ever try to give me one. Having my skin rubbed is painful. But oddly I have a very high pain tolerance. I had a drug-free birth with my son, I’ve fractured bones etc and I’d take those over getting massaged any day.
Quick hugs with pats on the back. What’s the point? Why not shake hands or high five? It’s just as impersonal. Not that I’ve ever been someone who likes being hugged, even as a child. I do like the feel of big strong tight hugs from the right person at the right time, it feels safe.
Clocks ticking! How does this noise not drive everyone mad? If I’m in a room and I can hear it good luck keeping my attention in a conversation because all I can hear is tick, tick, tick. It’s the same with dripping taps. Repetitive annoying noises – plus taps dripping are wasting water.
Cities or large towns. They’re fast, they’re loud, they’re bright, it’s easy to get lost, public transport scares me and they are packed with people. Nightmare material. Although I can enjoy them if I’m in a car (not driving) and can just observe everything from inside it. I live in a small rural town, have for two years and love it! 
When I think of eating things, wearing things, smelling things, touching things, hearing things – I can bring up in my mind how they taste/feel/smell/sound like, it’s hard to explain but it’s like I can taste/feel/smell/hear them in my mind again without the thing actually being present. I spend a lot of time I realise saying “this reminds me of…”, I seem to be able to draw comparisons in my head pretty quickly of similar experiences. Is this regular? As in is it something everyone does? I didn’t realise I could do this until recently.

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5 thoughts on “Are these sensory issues or quirks?

  1. Goodness me. All of this. This pretty much IS me. Aside from the massage thing. I absolutely detest light touch (a tough one, considering skin-stroking is one of my daughter’s favourite stims), and yet massage I have no problem with at all.

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  2. It’s such a relief. There are so many times when people just tell me I’m being ridiculous.

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    • Me too! I’ve had many jokes made at my expense, with eye rolls thrown in too, because of things I could never explain – apparently I don’t like *whatever it is* isn’t a valid reason. People are ridiculous!


  3. autisticaplanet on said:

    I relate to pretty much everything you’ve said. I can’t be around dogs or kids. Too unpredictably loud. What I never understood and find hard to forgive from NT people is the inherent need to JUDGE. Questions I completely understand. Bullying and judgement I don’t. I have Asperger’s along with other neurological issues.

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